Why Learn Languages?

Some of the many reasons include: 

Multilingual Recognition Option

For those UNM students that have a first major, second major, or minor in a language program, only 42 credit hours of upper-division coursework (instead of 48 for non-language majors) are required. See the description in the UNM Catalog College of Arts & Sciences Graduation Requirements page here.

Celebrate Bilingualism

#CelebrateBilingualismNM is a campaign to promote bilingualism in New Mexico. New Mexico has a long history of linguistic oppression marked by severe abuse, which has led to extensive trauma and loss of language and culture. The mission of this campaign is to underscore the benefits of bilingualism and the importance of celebrating and affirming minority languages. Visitors are encouraged to utilize the resources and information on this website to learn more about bilingualism and its benefits.

Enhance Your Future with Spanish & Portuguese

Wondering what you can do with Spanish and/or Portuguese language skills? This interactive website provides facts, statistics, and compelling personal and professional reasons to pursue your studies in these languages.