The LLC has a wide variety of equipment that can be checked out by language students and instructors. 

Checkout is done from the LLC Front Desk.  Borrowers will fill out a rental agreement once per academic year.

This equipment includes:

  • laptop computers
  • OWL 360 degree camera/microphone 
  • webcams
  • wireless presenters / laser pointers
  • headphones with microphones (class sets or individual)
  • voice amplifiers (portable PAs with wired or wireless microphones)
  • audio recorders (Zoom H4, Dictopro IC recorders)
  • microphones & stands
  • Skypemobile (portable display with Mac mini)
  • portable projectors
  • video cameras & tripods
  • iPods & tripods
  • external speakers
  • portable CD players / radios
  • Playstation 3 (for use in the Movie Room)
  • Arabic keyboards
  • Chinese calligraphy sets and guides
  • various adapters, cords, and power strips

If you have a need for equipment that we don't have, please email us at and we will look into purchasing it for the Language Learning Center.