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The LLC has seven classrooms and a movie room that instructors can reserve for the semester or for specific events.

Please note that the LLC is funded by course fees, so currently, we can only accept semester-long reservations from courses that have a course fee attached. Faculty and students in the following departments can make single event reservations for classes without course fees, clubs, or other activities: LCL, Spanish & Portuguese, Linguistics. Please reach out to the LLC Administration or speak to your Department Chair with questions.

Click here to reserve a classroom. Please reserve with at least 24 hours advanced notice.

Fall 2023 Room Reservation Requests:

May 1-May 7, 2023: Room Reservation Requests Accepted - one request per instructor.

May 8-Aug. 27, 2023: Room Reservation Requests Accepted - unlimited requests per instructor, honored on a first-come, first-served basis, pending availability.

Lab 1: Seating for 30 (five round tables), 10 student computers, instructor podium w/ computer, two 80" displays, document camera, whiteboards, and huddleboards.

Lab 2: Seating for 28 (four rectangular tables), no student computers, instructor podium w/ computer, document camera, laser projector and screen, whiteboards, and huddleboards.

Lab 3: Available at all times for students to work quietly or collaborate; 11 desktop computers and one movie-watching station (DVD or VHS); moveable whiteboard, a variety of tables, armchairs, and a couch.

Lab 4: Seating for 30 (five rectangular tables), 15 student computers, instructor podium w/ computer, LCD projector and screen, whiteboards, and huddleboards.

Lab 5: Reserved for Sign classes; 15 divided work stations with Mac desktops, four 65" displays, instructor desktop computer, video camera, green/bluescreen.

Lab 6: Seating for 30 (five round tables); 12 student computers; instructor podium w/ computer, LCD projector and screen, whiteboards, and huddleboards.

Room 120:  Seating for 10 (convertible tables and chairs); large TV screen, MacMini, whiteboard.

Movie Room: Couch seating for 10, large TV screen, DVD player, computer hookups, Playstation 3 console.

We also have a portable "Zoommobile" that can be reserved for instructors' use. 

Students or instructors can check out laptop computers at the front desk for use in the LLC.