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LLC Spring 2021 Hours

The Language Learning Center facilities will be closed for Spring 2021.  Online support will be provided for classes and students.  Please contact if you need assistance.   

Staff are still working remotely. If you need to reserve films or equipment or have another request, you can still do that with the links above. For questions,  please contact LLC.


There are currently no events scheduled. To schedule an event, contact To see past events, go to our Speaker Series page.

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Digital International Magazines & Newspapers

Screenshot of Pressreader interface

The LLC now has Pressreader for language students. PressReader brings the largest selection of global publications from trusted sources to both academic and public libraries - all on a single digital platform. Check it out by clicking the Pressreader link above. If you need help, take a look at this Pressreader How-To.

All LLC DVDs Have Been Digitized!

And are ready for you to put them on Learn. 

Finding Computer Resources on  Campus

Go to to find which computer pods are open and where to get laptops.

Want More Resources for Class?

If you are an instructor approved to teach in the LLC, we can purchase materials for your course, such as films, music, apps, games, books and magazines. Just go to the link Request Purchase of Resource, and fill out the form.

VHS Tapes Are No Longer Be Supported

Image of hand holding VHS tape

Please be aware that the University stopped supporting VHS as of Fall 2019. However, the LLC still has two VHS players in Labs 2 and 4. We will still provide support for VHS until those VHS players stop working. Due to the very high cost of these machines, we will not be replacing them once they do break down. If you need to use a film that is only on VHS, and you are in any of the rooms without a VHS player, we will convert the VHS format to digital files. Please give us at least one week to make the conversion.

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Our Partners

Department of Foreign Languages & Literature
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Signed Language Interpreting Program
Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)

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