LLC Hours - Fall 2016 
August 22 - December 16, 2016 
M-Th 7:45 am - 8:15 pm
F 7:45 am - 5:15 pm
We will be closed on Sept. 5, Oct. 13-14, Nov. 24-25.
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Photo: Viñales Valley, Cuba. World Heritage of Unesco. By Kirua via Wikimedia Commons.
Language Learning Center

MSC03 2100
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Ortega Hall
124 - LLC Labs; 129 - Administrative Offices

Phone: 505-277-7368 (Administration); 505-277-3106 (Checkout & Reservations)

Welcome to the LLC!

The Language Learning Center is a technology-enhanced language learning facility. It is open to all registered students taking a language class at UNM.

Lab 6 with new tables and equipmentWelcome Back

When you come to the LLC this fall, you may notice some improvements. We replaced the 60” monitors in Lab 1 with much larger 80” monitors. In Lab 6 you will see a new smart instructor station, round tables, projector and auto projection screen! Instructors, if you need movies or other resources for the semester, please order them soon so we will have them ready for your class. Don’t forget we have document cameras, pointers and PowerPoint remotes too. Finally, we have a better way to search for films – see the article below.

Accepting Fall Reservations

We are now accepting reservations for rooms - one per instructor this week, then starting 8/22 we will take multiple reservations for instructors. Please use the Reserve a Room link to the right. Please see our Policies page on who can reserve rooms and resources.

Now Easier to Search LLC Films!

There are two ways to search for a LLC film:

  1. Use this WorldCat link to search for films, or
  2. Filter option in Google SpreadsheetSearch our Google Spreadsheet, which is easier but is not guaranteed to be completely up-to-date. This list has to be manually updated, so there might be a lag as we add new films. To filter for films in a particular language only, use the filter option in the Google Spreadsheet. (See image at right.)

How to Reserve a Film for your Class

To reserve a film for your students, please use the new Reserve a Film form.

Placement Exams 

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