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LLC Staff

Pam Castaldi is the Director of the UNM Language Learning Center. She has a MA in Organization Learning and Instructional Technology with an emphasis in distance learning from the University of New Mexico. Before coming to the LLC, she was an instructional designer for online learning at Florida Virtual Schools, and an instructional media project manager at UNM's Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center and the Institute of Public Law.


Leslie Markley is the Supervisor of the UNM Language Learning Center. Her professional experience includes instructional design, learning management system administration, and technical writing.  She is working on a Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology degree at the University of Wyoming with research interests focusing on game-based learning and adult learning.


Contact Pam or Leslie at 505-277-7368.

LLC Attendants








To contact the LLC attendants, please call 505-277-3106 or email at



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