The Language Learning Center has over 1300 films for foreign language students and instructors. All language students can come to the LLC and watch films (on site) from our collection. If you are a language instructor and your course has a course fee attached to it, not only do you have access to films, you also can reserve films and request new films for your courses. 

Search LLC Film Collection

There are two ways to search for a LLC film:

  1. Use this WorldCat link to search for films, or
  2. Search our Google Spreadsheet, which may be easier but is not guaranteed to be completely up-to-date (but mostly is!). This list has to be manually updated, so there might be a lag as we add new films.
    • Filter option for Google SpreadsheetTo filter for films in a particular language only, use the filter option in the Google Spreadsheet. (See image at right.)

If you can't find a film using either of these methods, please check the Fine Arts Library collection, which is accessible to all UNM faculty, staff and students.

How to Reserve or Check Out a Film

To check out a film or to put a film on reserve for your students, please use our Reserve a Film form, which is found under Quick Links.

How to Order a New Film

  1. To order a film for your class, first check to make sure we don't already have it. Go to WorldCat and search for your film.
  2. If we don’t have it, go to and select Request Films & Media under Quick Links. Fill out the form and submit. We will send you a follow-up email shortly thereafter.

Library of Foreign Language Film Clips

UNM instructors now have access to the Berkeley Library of Foreign Language Film Clips (LFLFC). The LFLFC is a tagged, structured collection of clips from foreign language films.

As a faculty member or graduate student instructor at UNM, you only need to apply for an account. That will give you access to clips from all films in the LFLFC that the LLC owns. For detailed information go to

Berkeley Library of Foreign Language Film Clips