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Magazines & Newspapers


We have print and digital magazines for students to read in the LLC. We now have a subscription to PressReader, a digital magazine and newspaper service that gives you access to thousands of newspapers and magazines in 60 languages. To access PressReader, use any computer in the LLC and go to https://www.pressreader.com. You can use the app in the LLC to download publications to view anywhere. Click her for the PressReader How-To.

Print magazines include CanCam, Gamelab, V Jump (Japanese), inRockuptibles and Vogue (French), Der Spiegel (German), German Life (German/English), People en Español (Spanish).

Archived Magazines: Maison Francaise (French), Elle (German), Spiegel Geschichte (German), Oggi (Italian), Al-Majallah (Arabic).



We have board games for you to play! Language students can come in at any time and play. Just ask the lab attendants. Currently we have:


ESL - Scrabble, Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Bingo; French - Scrabble, Monopoly, Le Grand Jeu Des Verbes; German - Monopoly, Das Grosse Spiel der Verben; Italian - Chi E?, Monopoly; Latin - Scrabble, Latin Bingo

Navajo - Navajo Bingo; Portuguese - Lince, Imagem & Açao, Vírsula, Enciclopédia ; Sign - The Mystery of the Superintendent's House; Spanish - Scrabble, Monopoly, Tabú (Taboo); Any language - Guess Who?, Bingo, Pictionary, Chinese Checkers, Dominos.

Software & Apps in the LLC


Please open this PDF for a complete list of software on computers in the LLC.

Language Instruction Resources


We have language books, audio CDs, and DVDs available that can be checked out for use in the labs in these languages: Arabic, Chinese, ESL, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Navajo, Portuguese, and miscellaneous. Please see our complete language instruction resources list (PDF).

To suggest additional resources, please contact the Director at castaldi@unm.edu.

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