Dawn in Puerto Encantado, Higuerote, Venezuela.  By Paolo Costa Baldi, CC BY-SA 3.0


The LLC is funded through course fees paid for by students enrolled in language classes. Therefore we only serve students enrolled in courses from our language departments. These departments include Spanish and Portuguese (S&P), Foreign Languages & Literatures (FLL), Signed Language Interpreting (Sign) and the Center for English Language & American Culture (CELAC). All language students have access to the LLC and its resources. However, if you as an instructor want to teach in the LLC or use its resources, you must be an instructor in one of the language departments and have a fee attached to your course.


All S&P classes have a course fee attached, so all S&P instructors have full access to the LLC. For FLL only certain courses have a fee attached. To determine if your FLL course has a course fee attached to it, check your class on the Class Schedule.


Course fees are relatively inexpensive ($15). Instructors and chairs in the aforementioned language departments may request that a course fee be attached to a course by contacting the Director. We will follow up with the necessary permissions and documentation. Permission to attach a course fee is granted by the department Chair, the CAS Dean and the Provost.



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