Placement Exams

Inui-yagura Turret of Osaka Castle & skyline of Osaka Business Park,  Japan. By Martin Falbisoner, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Language Learning Center provides language placement exams for Spanish and French. German placement exams are offered through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Placement exams help determine your level of language proficiency in order to place you in the class that is best for you. You are not being graded or judged on the results of your exam. Please print out a copy of your placement exam. If you feel your placement exam results do not appropriately reflect your language proficiency level, talk to someone in the appropriate language department.

Spanish and French exams are now online and publicly available.


For Spanish

The exam is used for students in both the Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) and the Spanish as a Heritage Language (SHL) programs. Go to:

https://esurvey.unm.edu/opinio/s?s=214 to take the exam.


For French

To take the French Placement exam, go to:



For German

German placement exams are also online. To access them, please contact the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FLL) at 505-277-7367 or email at ebologa@unm.edu.


Testing Out

If you are looking to test out of a class or take exams other than foreign language placement exams, you need to contact the UNM Testing Center at 505-277-5346.

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Placement Exams

 Osaka, Japan. By Martin Falbisoner, CC BY-SA 4.0