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Pedro Antonio de Alarcon
 | Leopoldo Alas | Ramon Perez de Ayala | Azorin | Pio Baroja | Emilia Pardo Bazan | Gustavo Adolfo BecquerJose Cadalso | Miguel de Cervantes | Jose de Echegaray | Jose de Espronceda | Benito Jeronimo Feijoo | Benito Perez Galdos | Luis de Gongora | Ramon del Valle-Inclan | Mariano Jose de Larra | Antonio Machado | Leandro Fernandez de Moratín | Francisco de Quevedo | Duque de Rivas | Fernando de Rojas | Felix María de Samaniego | Miguel de Unamuno | Juan Melendez Valdes | Juan ValeraGarcilaso de la Vega | Jose Zorrilla 

Project Gutenberg: Browse By Language: Spanish

Anthology of Spanish Poetry

CiberTextos Interactivos

Golden Age Spanish Sonnets

IntraText Digital Library: Catalogo por lengua Espanol

IntraText Digital Library: Literatura espanola

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Language Resources

Spanish Etymology Dictionary
It's clean, and simple to use. If your word doesn't appear in the results box, it's because this is still a work-in-progress, and words are added according to the number of requests in the search box. They also include disagreements among linguists about word origins. Try searching on "hacer" for an interesting discussion. You can also send a message to ask about your "missing" word, and they'll give it priority.

Centro Virtual Cervantes
For questions regarding Spanish go here and receive really thoughtful and in-depth responses.
Spanish grammar and exercises.

Spanish Sound Library and Articulatory Anatomy
This University of Iowa site provides an in-depth look at Spanish and English phonetics. It is part of the MERLOT Project and is used in a Spanish pronunciation course at the University of Iowa.

Dialectoteca del Español
an audiovisual library, which uses speech samples from a wide variety of native speakers to document the most representative patterns in the pronunciation of modern spoken Spanish. The site also includes descriptions of the factors that cause allophonic variation, maps that identify the main dialectal regions, orthographic and phonetic transcriptions of the interviews, descriptions of the main dialectal features, and exercises that allow users to check their ability to recognize Spanish dialects based on their phonetic properties.

Study Abroad

Conexiones (Spain) is an intensive program of culture and language study at UNM and the field sites of Trujillo (Extremadura) and Salamanca (Castilla-León), Spain.

Conexiones (Mexico) is an intensive program of culture and language study at UNM and the field site of Morelia (Michoacan), Mexico.