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Online Periodicals
Newspaper for the city of Alghero
An Italian Catholic magazine
Daily newspaper from the Valle d’Aosta region
A news site from Pescara, Italy
The Corriere della Sera, a famous Italian newspaper
Selected articles from a woman’s press agency
A newspaper from Bergamo
The biggest Italian sport magazine
Local Italian news source
An online version of Italy’s oldest dail
Daily journal from Modena
Daily newspaper from Reggio
Daily journal from Calabria
A collection of news articles from around the world in Italian
A popular daily from Padova
A bi-monthly social magazine
An Italian yachting magazine
A daily from Ferrara
Venice news
A women’s online news site
A newspaper from Trieste
A political magazine from Lombardia
An important Italian newspaper
An Italian news source
A newspaper from Treviso, Italy
A daily Italian magazine
A weekly magazine site that affronts the problems of life with realism and optimism

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