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Harry Potter in Translation
This site contains a database of recordings of all translations of the first book in the Harry Potter series in 70 languages. it was put together by the Language Research Centre at the University of Calgary. The purpose is "to gain an appreciation for the sounds of other languages; to make comparisons across languages; to hear how the book has been translated into a language you know; and to share the sounds of the language(s) you know with others."

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg offers over 36,000 free e-books to download to your PC, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android or other portable device. Choose between ePub, Kindle, HTML and simple text formats.

Copyright Information

American Library Association: Issues & Advocacy: Copyright

Bitlaw Copyright
Has many specific cases with comments on issues involved. This site is maintained by a Minneapolis law firm specializing in copyright issues.

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries
ARL, American University's (AU) Washington College of Law, and AU's School of Communication released a new infographic that tells the story of library fair use in a clear and compelling way.
Chinese Translation of the Code

Inside Higher Ed: Defining Fair Use (Feb. 2012)

Kevin Smith Blog (Duke University)
This blog comments on court cases from a legal point of view, noting on the one hand the moral principles at stake and on the other, the legalistic value of the way the case was presented.
Copyright in the Classroom

Know Your Copy Rights: Using Copyrighted Works in Academic Settings
The Know Your Copy Rights educational initiative is a project of the Association of Research Libraries

Legal Issues & Language Technology (IALLT)

U.S. Copyright Office
Title 17

Multilingual online dictionary with really handy verb conjugator.

Free dictionaries, translation tools. Create word lists of words you are learning, tools for games, quizzes, and study tools. You can add this tool to your website.

Verbix is an independent non-profit organization that aims to promote and protect linguistic diversity. This site contains verb conjugations for hundreds of languages, ranging from national and international languages to regional and even extinct languages.

Definitions and translations of popular languages.

Dictionary, vocabulary, translation. Offers translations in many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary. Special features include search filters, synonyms, pronunciation, sample sentences and more. العرب ة, 汉语, Deutsch, Español, Français, हिन्दी, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Română, Русский, Svenska, Türkçe
A "platform where users from all over the world ... can suggest new translations and correct or confirm other users' suggestions." Features: Polish, Dutch, French, Czech, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Danish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Bosnian, Esperanto, Turkish, Icelandic, Serbian, Greek, Croatian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Latin, Albanian


World Languages Video Collection
Educational and documentary films in 13 languages for educational use.

Language Learning Apps & Programs



BBC Languages
Free beginner and intermediate courses, resources, TV, radio, teachers, tutors and more. Many languages. Try theMa France video-based course - great fun.

Byki Express
A free flashcard software that remembers where you are in the program. Best feature: Slowsound. It reduces the speed of the pronunciation so you can really hear how it should be pronounced. To download, go to:

FSI (Foreign Service Institute) Language Courses
These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain. This site is dedicated to making these language courses freely available in an electronic format. This site is not affiliated in any way with any government entity; it is an independent, non-profit effort to foster the learning of worldwide languages. Courses here are made available through the private efforts of individuals who are donating their time and resources to provide quality materials for language learning.

Open Culture
This collection features free lessons in 40 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian and more. Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player.

Forvo is the largest pronunciation guide in the world, the place where you´ll find millions of words pronounced in their original languages.

Language Partners

Program has trained, vetted and paid native speakers of Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Arabic, German and Italian.

Skype in the Classroom

Collaborate with other classes, no matter where they are. Find guest speakers and invite them into your classroom. Take a virtual field trip anywhere in the world.

Practice any of over 90 languages in live chats with native speakers and other language learners, all over the world.

Talk with native speakers. Both voice and text chat. Created by RosettaStone.

Resources for Instructors

Sounds of Speech* ™
Phonetics website for English, Spanish and German (free). Also available as an app ($3.99)

Berkeley Library of Foreign Language Film Clips
UNM instructors now have access to the Berkeley Library of Foreign Language Film Clips (LFLFC). The LFLFC is a tagged, structured collection of clips from foreign language films. Go to if you are a UNM instructor and want more information.

iSpraak for Google Chrome is an online application that automates the evaluation of student pronunciation in multiple languages: 
Arabic, Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. You don't need to register or have an account to get started, just follow the prompts provided. iSpraak was created for language educators by language educators at Saint Louis University with the goal of reducing the tedium of evaluating individual student recordings and to provide immediate and meaningful feedback to students.

Video Assistance for Understanding Language Teaching Techniques (VAULTT)
Is a collection of videos highlighting various aspects of teaching in the classroom, with each video accompanied by supplementary information in PDF form that explains the techniques and how they relate to best practices in language teaching. VAULTT is offered for free on the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) website.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods
Professional development modules for foreign language instruction at the high-school and college levels.

Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (CAPL)
Authentic images for language learning.

Provides examples of authentic language spoken in its natural cultural environment in many countries. Great to compare how the same language may vary depending on where it is spoken.

UCLA Language Materials Project
An online bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 150 Less Commonly Taught Languages. We provide full bibliographic information for each item in the database, including detailed annotations that describe the content and other features of the material, intended to help you find the most appropriate materials to meet your individual teaching needs.

LinguaFolio Online
The LinguaFolio Online is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language at school or outside of school can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences. It is a tool that should accompany language learning throughout life and is suitable for documenting language abilities for various uses.

Study Abroad

UNM Study Abroad Programs
Check out the many opportunities to study abroad with UNM or other universities and organizations worldwide.

International Studies Institute
The ISI seeks to attract faculty with international experience, and develop relationships with local, regional, and global communities by supporting faculty and student exchange programs to all parts of the world.

Team-Based Learning

Discover Team-Based Learning and how it can be used as a powerful tool in the classroom.


Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)
UNM tutoring program

English as a Second Language Tutoring Information

Languages Tutoring Information

UNM Language Departments

Africana Studies
Offering courses in Swahili

Center for English Language and American Culture (CELAC)

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Navajo (Diné) Program

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