Training & Tutorials

We offer F2F (face-to-face) training on how to use and apply technology in your classroom. Examples include using Web 2.0, audio and video, UNM Learn, Skype, and much more. Call 505-277-7368 to request F2F training. We also have the following online resources:

Working with Macs

Audio & Video

  • iMovie Training
    This video will show you how to download movies from an iPod, and import and edit pictures in iMovie.
  • Audacity Training
    This video will show you how to record audio and save as an MP3 file using Audacity.

Creating Websites

  • Google Sites Quick Start Guide
    Google Sites are a good choice for building simple web pages to showcase projects or e-portfolios.  This quick start guide will help you with the basic features.

Polling and Game Based Learning

  • Poll Everywhere
    This site is a guide for Poll Everywhere, which you can use to create simple anonymous polls for your students to answer via text message or website.
  • Kahoot
    A user guide for Kahoot, a free web based service that lets instructors create game-based quizzes and trivia for their students.

Team-Based Learning

Discover Team-Based Learning and how it can be used as a powerful tool in the classroom.

Help with Student Learning Objectives

SLO Workshop: This presentation on how to write student learning objectives also has links to many fine resources. SLO Workshop Presentation (PowerPoint)

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