Instructor Overview

The staff of the Language Learning Center are here to support and collaborate with instructors and students in the use of technology for language and culture learning, whether it is in our computer labs or on a special project.

Labs & Lab Reservations

If your course has an LLC course fee attached (see Policies page), you may reserve lab classrooms and other spaces for the current semester. To reserve a lab, fill out the Reservation Request Form under Quick Links. You can determine which lab will best serve your needs by reviewing the LLC Lab Comparison Table on the Equipment page.

Special Exceptions to Reservation Policy

Often we have special requests to reserve classrooms for a future semester. These requests are usually “special" in that the course needs the unique features of the LLC collaborative classroom to best serve its students, which can not be very easily (if at all) met by a traditional classroom. Instructors who are granted this exception will give a presentation or workshop on their topic of interest and how the LLC labs support their teaching and student learning. The intention of this policy change is to better support students, instructors, and innovative, pedagogically sound uses of the collaborative language classroom. Please contact the Director for more information.

Equipment Checkout

From the SkypeMobile to PowerPoint clickers, from movies to magazines, we have many resources for instructors.

You will need to sign an Equipment Checkout Form once a semester. Please bring valid ID (Lobocard or driver’s license).* For details about how to check out specific equipment, see our Equipment page.

Resources for Instructors

Multimedia  Production Studio High quality audio recording and audio and video editing
Audio Recording Can be done in Movie Room, Seminar Room (118), or Production Studio
Video cameras Everything from digital camcorders to iPods
Media Cart When you can’t get a lab and want to show a movie in your regular classroom
Adobe Creative Suite Professional software for video and audio editing, special effects, image editing, digital illustration, website creation and more - six licenses located in Lab 3
Telecollaboration Skypemobile
  • Skyping with larger groups (12+)
  • Can also use Collaborate or Zoom
Skype in Movie Room
  • Skyping with smaller groups (up to 11)
  • Can also use Collaborate or Zoom
Classroom Tools Computers Research, collaborative writing, testing, exploring
Document cameras (doc cams) Presenting books, 3-D objects
Huddleboards Great for collaborative work group
Laser pointers & PowerPoint laser pointers Presentation aids
iPods for students, external mics available upon request Great for making videos, recording audio, creating innovative flashcards using Anki, playing language games, polling, and more
Screen sharing
  • Review students as they work at their computers
  • Share a student’s work with the class
Computer accessories Cables, adapters, headphones with or without mics, Arabic keyboard covers Although we do not checkout laptops to instructors, we have everything you need to hook up your own laptop to other devices
Games We have both board games and video games For a complete list of games, go to our Games page
Apps Apps on LLC computers and iPods
  • For a complete list of apps, go to our Software & Apps page
  • To order apps to add to LLC computers and mobile devices, read the Film & Media Requests section below
Print Materials Magazines, books
  • You can use our magazines in your class - we have old issues for students to cut up and use in projects
  • We have some children's books and donated books in various languages - just ask a lab attendant
Films Approximately 1400 movies (DVDs, VHS tapes)
  • Students can watch films individually in Lab 3 or in the Movie Room
  • Instructors can put films on reserve for students to check out and watch in the LLC
  • Instructors can check out films to show in non-LLC classrooms


Berkeley Library of Foreign Language Film Clips

UNM instructors now have access to the Berkeley Library of Foreign Language Film Clips (LFLFC). The LFLFC is a tagged, structured collection of clips from foreign language films.

As a faculty member or graduate student instructor at UNM, you may apply for an account. That will give you access to all films in the LFLFC that UNM owns. For more information, go to our Films page.


We offer training on technical issues, such as using iMovie or Audacity, LLC equipment operation, writing student learning objectives, and instructional design of online classes. See our Training page to check out our offerings, or request a tailored training by contacting the Director.

Conversation Groups

LLC collaborates with the Center for Academic Performance Support (CAPS) who offers students language conversation groups in the LLC. Please consider offering your students extra credit for participating in CAPS conversation groups if you don't already.

Speaker Series

Periodically LLC will host a guest speaker. The series is geared primarily toward faculty, TAs and researchers involved in language learning. This is also a good opportunity for TAs and PhD candidates to present. Please contact the Director if you would like to present. See our Speaker Series page for more information. View past events at our YouTube Channel.

Media Transfer

We will copy VHS and digital tape to DVD for classroom use as long as does not violate copyright law. (For more information, see UFL's copyright law and educational media page.) Please give us plenty of time to do this (a week is preferred). Contact Leslie Sandoval.

Special Projects

We would love to work with faculty and TAs in developing projects, such as multimedia, video, audio, web-based programs or research. Please keep us in mind as you plan. We are happy to collaborate in the grant writing process for such projects.

*Note: If equipment is not returned on time, borrower will be billed through the Bursar's Office for the cost of the equipment and warranty. This is a non-refundable charge.

LLC Rules!

  • Only students studying foreign languages or Sign language may use the LLC labs
  • If you are not a language or Sign student, please use another computer lab on campus (Exception: All UNM students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome to participate in conversation groups)
    This includes peanut M&Ms, Snickers or any food with peanuts or peanut butter. Wash your hands if you have eaten peanut products recently.
  • No talking on cell phones
  • No gum
  • No smoking, including e-cigarettes
  • Everyone must fill out an Equipment Checkout Agreement before checking out films or equipment
  • Students must leave an valid Lobocard when checking out movies, video games, or equipment
  • Be courteous and considerate towards others, including lab attendants

Please be aware that lab attendants will ask you to remove any food or drink even if it means interrupting your class. Please be considerate and do not bring (or allow) food or drinks into classrooms. If you want to have food as part of a class activity, please contact the Director.