Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling are usually short, multimedia stories that present on a narrow topic.  They can come in many forms, many of which are excellent for collaborative learning.  Students could create a movie telling the story of their life or their family incorporating narration, music, and family pictures.  They could create a soap opera, commercial, movie trailer or news segment with their classmates to target vocabulary and oral skills.  Students could also create a fictional blog for a famous person or literary character to strengthen writing skills.  Below are some examples of digital storytelling done by students at other schools across the country.

  • I Read Banned Books – Discusses censorship of books with images, audio narration, video interviews, and news clips.  Makes a persuasive position.
  • My Life According to Ericka – A student’s personal narrative of their life through family photos with captions, audio, and music.
  • Life Cycle of a Bluebird  (click on Science Concepts tab)– Digital storytelling using stop motion animation and a student composed and performed rap song to explain the life of a bluebird.