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Care for the Mind & Body 


Richard File-Muriel, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Like many other professions, academics, staff and students are often faced with pressures that lead to extensive time working at a desk. This workshop addresses some practical tools to expand our working posture beyond the seated chair, and touches on the importance of the relationship between the breath, mind and body.


Film Clips in the Foreign Language Curriculum


Mark Kaiser, UC Berkeley

A special presentation of this previously recorded IALLT webinar is being made available to us by the International Association of Language Learning Technology (IALLT).


Using Classroom Technology at the LLC 


Leslie Sandoval, Supervisor, LLC

An introduction to the technology available in the LLC and how to use it in your class.


Tips for Effective Classroom Management 


Sarah Schulman and Marián Giráldez Elizo, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

The purpose of this workshop is to provide general tips on classroom management and to create space for teaching assistants to raise questions and collaborate on ways to improve best teaching practices.


Developing an Eye Tracking Experiment: An Intensive Workshop
4/1/2016 and 4/8/2016

Lauren Perrotti, Department of Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese, Penn State University

Lauren Perrotti, visiting PhD Candidate from Penn State, will present a two-part workshop to discuss the ways eye tracking methodology could be used in language science research by taking a hands-on approach. In two sessions, we will use an Eyelink 1000 Plus eye tracker from SR Research to demonstrate how to develop an eye tracking study. In Session 1, Experiment Builder will be used to explore techniques for programming an experiment, focusing on sentence reading and Visual World techniques. In Session 2, we will learn to calibrate the eye tracker and run an experiment. Finally, we will use DataViewer to extract the fixations and discuss the best ways to analyze eye movement data.


Berkeley Foreign Language Film Clip Library


Presented by Chris Johnson, MLIS, of the College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences

This presentation will explain how instructors can use the BLC Library of Foreign Language Film Clips (LFLFC), a tagged, structured collection of clips from foreign language films, in their classrooms. Instructors will be guided through the free registration process.


Grammar & Society: A sociolinguistically informed approach to teaching grammatical structures


Naomi Shin, Assistant Professor of Spanish & Linguistics

This talk presents a curriculum for teaching grammatical structures in a way that highlights how sociopolitical factors determine how linguistic varieties are judged. For example, why are Caribbean varieties of Spanish more stigmatized than other varieties? Why is 'voseo' stigmatized in Guatemala but not in Argentina? Why is leísmo accepted by the Real Academia Española, but direct object pronoun omission is not? I will present the overall curriculum for the course, as well as specific lesson plans and activities.


Mapping Rights in the Work of Sacolinha


Leila Lehnen, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

This presentation looked into how the paulista author and cultural activist Ademiro Alves (Sacolinha) represents the right to the city in his novel Estação Terminal (Terminal Station).

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