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Team + Task-Based Activities + Huddleboards = Language Acquisition


Presented by Celina Cavalcanti, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Celina Cavalcanti will discuss her instructional strategies for language acquisition: Students look forward to the tasks they will accomplish together. The tasks have to be challenging, and at the same time manageable, for them to engage fully. The interaction around the huddleboards, with writing tasks, keeps the attention of the students and they also enjoy presenting their written production. The task-based activities where every student gets a chance to write sentences formed with the assistance of the team builds confidence while creating a collaborative learning environment. A series of task-based activities will be presented.


Using Teams, Laptops & Huddle-Boards in a Colonial Latin American Literature Class


Dr. Kathryn McKnight

Kathy McKnight discussed her use of Team-Based Learning in her Survey of Spanish American Literature I class (SPAN 431) in the Cooperative Learning Lab. Students build a cooperative team relationship, are held accountable both as a team and individually for their active application of knowledge in cultural analysis. Kathy gave an introduction to the TBL approach; she provided examples from her class assignments, and showed the ways in which the cooperative learning environment of the lab promotes active engagement and facilitates in-depth discussions.

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