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Teaching Online: Thoughts on Constructing & Teaching Online Courses


Jason Wilby

Have you ever considered creating and teaching a course in an online format but were not sure how to begin? My presentation is geared toward you then! In my presentation I will draw on my experiences teaching online at UNM and working with New Media and Extended Learning in order to provide an introduction to teaching online and an opportunity to dialog with others who have online teaching experience. My presentation will cover three areas: 1) Construction of online course content with two example courses, 2) Pedagogical considerations for online teaching, and 3) Special technologies for creating synchronous and non-synchronous interaction in the online environment.


Writing Tutoring & Language Rights: Spanish & Navajo Writing Tutoring at UNM


Daniel Sanford

In the Fall of 2009, the UNM Writing Center began a partnership with El Centro de la Raza and American Indian Student Services to offer writing support for Spanish and Navajo, two of the state’s heritage languages for which writing & literacy have been an essential component of grass-roots movements towards language revitalization. These programs grow naturally out of the language background of UNM, New Mexico being a state with a profound ethnic and linguistic diversity which is reflected in the demographics of our student population. At the same time, however, it is highly unique, on a national level, in the application of writing center theory and practice to non-English languages. A history and overview of this program are presented, as an example of how university learning and writing centers can support the role of non-English and heritage languages in the academy.


International Virtual Collaborations


Lani Gunawardena

Cross-cultural learning and distance education expert Lani Gunawardena talks to educators about how to create rich cultural collaborative learning experiences for students.


L2 Teaching, Learning & Technology


Julie Sykes

The emergence of new tools and platforms occurs on a daily basis. This presentation will help educators navigate the seemingly endless list of possibilities by highlighting new technologies that are useful for transforming learning in the L2 classroom. Special emphasis will be placed on tools that are easily adopted for next-day use.



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